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Some people keep them as pets, but for you that don' Kopex.

Rodents can cause excruciating amounts of damages to homes. They can chew through the plastic coating that surrounds electrical wiring, which can lead to power outages and in rare cases, house fires. They are also known to bite through wooden beams, joists, pipes, and anything that will aid their nest-building efforts. Their fecal matter and diseases that they carry, can lead to hazardous conditions around your property. Without professional prevention tactics, it can be difficult to keep them away from your home, since mice can fit through a 6-7mm hole, while rats can fit through a 20mm hole.

How rodents get into your house:

  • Small cracks and crevices in your structure or foundation

  • Drainage pipes through your sink or bathroom drains

  • Gaps in windows and doors

  • Through gas lines into areas such as an oven

Preventative exclusion work is necessary to keep these pests away from the house, especially in the colder months of the year. As the temperature drops, rodents will look for any opportunity to bunker up for the winter. Most of the time, they can remain undetected and breed at astonishing rates. All cracks, crevices, and gaps should be sealed with either metal or concrete. Anything else will be chewed up and used for their next nest. At Kopex Pest Control, we will monitor and exterminate any rodent populations that disrupt the sanctity of your home. Through our comprehensive service, we will make sure that your house doesn’t turn into another statistic for rodent damaged homes. Call for a free inspection today!


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